World Book Night Trafalgar Square Pictures March 4 2011


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7 responses to “World Book Night Trafalgar Square Pictures March 4 2011

  1. spikeymom

    I’ve been following your tweets all winter, andI love these photos.
    Impressive collection of authors.
    Thanks for sharing this event with your tweetmates..
    BBB would be so proud of you.
    ~ Liz Bream from LHS

    • marg09

      Hello Liz: Bessie B. Billings of Leaside High School was hovering over Trafalgar Square as wonderful actor-poet Lemn Sissay read Tennyson’s Ulysses.. and DBC Pierre read from Bleak House… and much more! Nice to hear from you!

  2. Em

    It’s lovely to see the pictures. I wish I had been able to go to the Trafalgar Square launch; next time…
    It was fantastic to be part of this event and I was thrilled to be able to share The Blind Assassin with so many people.
    I took up your challenge of being you for a day, but I’m afraid my disguising skills are not that great! The picture is up on my blog, but I will try to send it on Twitter (if I manage to figure out how to do it!).

  3. I read two bloggers who participated in World Book Night. Glad to see it was a success.

  4. These are great photos thanks – I was sent a link with the Bleak House reading – fabulous. x

  5. Hannah

    Oh my lord I truly can’t believe I missed this now. I was beating myself up about it all March and now to know you were there is such a kick in the teeth.

    It looks like you had a lovely time, I hope you might be back in england some time so that I may have a chance to meet you. Until then I will content myself with picking up a WBN copy of the Blind Assassin.

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