5. Stephen, Joe, Dan

One response to “5. Stephen, Joe, Dan

  1. Bluejubatus52

    Hello Ms. Atwood!
    I am a 27-year-old internet troglodyte (not yet quite extinct) who has only just now discovered your blog. You have been an inspiration to me while earning my PhD (Creative Writing) and writing my frivolous little novels. Currently, I am on an Atwood kick (re-read The Robber Bride, Bluebeard’s Egg, Writing With Intent-to what, I wonder?- Alias Grace, The Lady Oracle, The Blind Assassin and Negotiating With The Dead as fodder this week) I even got my Nana into the act with Lady Oracle and, courtesy of you, had a very interesting conversation on Jung. Anyway, you look lovely in these pictures, rather like a satisfied fox.
    Have a great night! Thank you for being you!

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