Walking in Shinjuku


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2 responses to “Walking in Shinjuku

  1. the pictures look great ;o) seriously

  2. Robert Tannock

    Hi Margaret,
    I do not know you or read your work, latter ok? Susan Musgrave mentioned your name, I said to her I thought I have heard that name before? Anyhow, walking through Shinjuku, right on.
    I did that, walked fron Shinjuku 3 Chome to Wakamatsu-cho, Aikido Hombu Dojo from September 1987 until April 1993 at 6:00 am. Pass thru san- chome at 6:00am, you see things, a good memory. Strange anyhow. Sometimes I wish I wrote verse or read works of literature, but I am just lost, cheers

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