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Japan: Year of the Flood Event, x2

This was a lot of fun! As part of the PEN Congress– the theme of which was “Literature and the Environment” — the Japanese/English version of The Year of the Flood Event took place twice- once at Meiji Gakuin University, then again in the Canadian Embassy theatre. The actors spoke in Japanese, the narrator (me) in English with translation, and the singers (from Canada) sang in English, with lyrics provided in Japanese to the audience. Composer Orville Stoeber and his guitar came from Los Angeles, with my agent, Phoebe Larmore. Ayako Sato from Meiji Gakuin did the translation, and was indispensable in so many ways it’s hard to count.

Alisa Palmer from Toronto – who directed the Toronto event – was the overall director, with Assistant Director Jun Ieda — who also acted as my “voice” –she’s the one sitting beside me on the stage. Akira Okamoto was production advisor, and Yoshio Wada, who heads the Japanese Director’s Association, was an advisory Overall Angel.

The wonderful cast was: Adam One, Yoji Aoi; Ren, Kaoru Inoue; Toby, Kaori Koyama. They were magnificent!

The singers — from the Toronto production– were Karin Randoja, Randi Helmers, and John Millard. These three have sung together for years, and have a CD coming out – not to mention earlier ones by John and Randi. (I will put the names of these in once I find them at the bottom of the already packed suitcase…) They gave us a couple of songs at the cast party, plus banjo by John — Randi alas did not have her uklele with her — and I have to get their new CD – I hope it has the yodeling on it!

Lighting was Megumi Sato, Sound was Maki Kinoshita.

The cast party was in the Shinjuku area; we all had some flat round objects of various kinds, and became very jolly. (Graeme Gibson was not jolly at first because he lost his wallet in the taxi, but miraculously it came back, intact! Japan thus upheld not only its splendid theatrical traditions but its reputation for citizen honesty and helpfulness…)


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