Virago Publisher for a Day Contest

Here is a link to the WINNERS page, with winners and runners-up: very funny! Well done!

Here is the original  Press Release…

The Year of the Flood

‘Publisher for a day’ Twitter competition


Virago/ The Year of the Flood Twitter competition – announced 19th July. Opens 29th July

Margaret Atwood has one of the largest literary Twitter followings with 66,718 followers to date. To celebrate her Twitterati and the publication of the Virago edition of The Year of the Flood, Virago are delighted to announce the ‘Publisher for a day’ Twitter competition.

The competition – be Publisher for a day…

Margaret Atwood considered five titles for The Year of the Flood before choosing ‘The Year of the Flood.’ You: Propose a different but appropriate title.  Then write an imaginary back cover quote — from a newspaper, from a celebrity, from one of your friends, from your cat — it’s wide open! Word limit: 140 characters each for title and for quote. (Like Twitter!).  Then email your entry to the Virago website.

What to do…

The competition opens 29th July. On this date, head to where there will be a special page for the competition as well as the original cover blurb. The competition closes on 12th August.

The prize…

Virago will then decide the winner and the runner ups. The cleverest tweeter will win £100. The second and third prize winners will receive copies of Margaret Atwood’s backlist with the new Virago jackets.  Honourable mentions, as well as the winning three, will be posted on the Virago website and shared via Twitter.

For further information please contact Zoё Hood, Virago, 020 7911 8070,


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3 responses to “Virago Publisher for a Day Contest

  1. btisdale

    A really good Canadian story…esp. since some in our country are both contrary/confused about immigration at this time. You need to look at 1825 Peter Robinson to Canada 1825…it is a good story…I have detailed info regarding my family.
    If this gets past your media handlers, please contact me

  2. Oops, looks like the link they gave you is wrong. This is the correct one: (Attention Virago: I am a great copyeditor! 😉 )

  3. i don’t want to enter in any contest
    i just want to say
    thank you margaret for the wonderful gift of the year of the flood
    i stumbled upon it and found it a treasure
    and felt this strange need to express my thanks
    and couldn’t find any other place on this website where i could

    thank you margaret!

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