View from Writing Window December 19

Started new novel, on new moon. Here is the view from my writing window today….


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14 responses to “View from Writing Window December 19

  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish I were there instead of downtown Toronto at the moment.

  2. soesposito

    Freshly fallen words, freshly fallen snow. How poetic!

  3. paullamb

    Lovely, but can you concentrate with a view like that?

  4. susan

    Very nice. New book, new moon, inspiring view.

  5. Susan D

    Blue moon tonight…. I hope that’s inspiring too.

  6. MMcgovern

    Love when the full moon wakes me up shining in my eyes. I have to get up and take a picture.

    What a lovely view from your window.

  7. I love your picture, I love your writing. I’m a full time nanny , writing about my time with kids.

  8. Irina Prodan

    I’ve just finished reading The Year of the Flood. As usual with your books, it has led to ravenous reading. I loved it and I’m looking forward to the one you’ve started. Thank you for your wonderful writing. Good luck!

  9. Daniela

    Then the mind wanders…

  10. Beautiful. But when novel is finished, don’t call it “New Moon”…

  11. Ursula Grey

    So pleased to learn that you’re working on a new novel. I’ve enjoyed all your work and look forward to your next novel. Thank you.

  12. Lise Mandes

    I just finished reading “Year of the Flood.” I loved it. It caused me to get out “Oryx and Crake” and reread that. I understand you are beginning a new novel, but may I just offer wishes that you will tell us more about this futuristic world. I am worried (which is plain silly, because it’s fiction) about Adam One. Did he survive? Will he be a shepherd for the new people? I can speculate that yes and he will. But you do it so much better! Love your work and best wishes on the new novel which I’ll look forward to, as well.

  13. Glenis Burgess

    have you clocked into the UK’s Arvon Foundation’s 6 word story?
    New to me. Others written before?

  14. What a stunning view! My view is of wall…

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