Meeting Cute Guys, December 15

So, I confess — when not writing or going on booktours, I sneak around the back streets meeting cute guys who are also smart & funny, and very kind to elderly ladies such as self. Nice to know someone is still churning out such folks.

Here with Jack Dorsey, Twitterfounder and Squareup-man, in an undisclosed location, far from the prying eyes of Google Earth.

And later — the very sane day! Shameless! — with George Stromboulopoulis, about to record part of The Night Before Christmas, with a few alterations,  for The Hour Xmas-eve special…


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3 responses to “Meeting Cute Guys, December 15

  1. Comon

    Ms. Atwood! It’s Stroumboulopoulos! You forgot a whole host of u’s!

  2. Hey Margo,

    While I do FIRMLY BELIEVE in keeping up with the intelligent and funny youth particularly when they also happen to be cute, but now that a sufficiently lengthy grace period has elapsed, I’d like to draw your attention to other austere matters. December 15th also happens to the day the God’s Gardeners Hymn Challenge was to come to a close, but I don’t see any indication that any winners have been chosen. I realize I didn’t really follow the rules, however as you mentioned the T. beekeepers cooperative as an inspiration during your interview on Q I just thought it would be of interest to you to hear the hymns of a real modern gardener. I was never really interested in the industrial chocolate reward, as a gardener I much prefer to gnaw on chicory root. However, at least one other person did record one of your antiquated fictional hymns and I think some sort of acknowledgement is deserved for that effort.

    Drone bee one

  3. Anne Carroll

    Here is the latest battle in the war of American men against American women in the US, in case you aren’t aware of it:
    Because abortion is legal in the US, male (and some female) lawmakers just change the name of it, making it illegal.

    The first thing I thought of is The Handmaid’s Tale. How prescient of you to place it in the US rather than another society where women are non-entities like Afghanistan (certainly not in the US, heaven forbid!)
    None of the men I ask has ever read The Handmaid’s Tale, even those who are “allies” (for what that’s worth) or self-proclaimed progressives. Unfortunately, the title leads to the suspicion that it is “chick lit” and therefore not worth their time. I try to disabuse people of that misunderstanding whenever I can, but it’s a big job. I wish you had called it something else.

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