The YOTF Tour: The Wrap

See the Globe and Mail Tour blog at

More hindsights on such things as Virtual Booktours & etc. here on this blog soon…


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3 responses to “The YOTF Tour: The Wrap

  1. K. Smith

    Hello Ms. Atwood:
    We met on a flight from Austin to Houston after the Austin Bookfair during Halloween weekend. I promised to send information about waste management and wind turbines. Here is an article about the waste management technology we discussed:

    K. Smith

  2. Dimitar Aleksandrov

    Hi!I am from Bulgaria.I am currently writing a Phd thesis on postmodern dystopian novels for the Bulgarian academy of Science.I recently bought Year of the Flood and I wonder if you have any critical articles concerning this book.If you decide to send something, my e-mail is written in the space above this text.Thank you!Would appreciate it very much!

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