The Blest Coast: Victoria, December 1

We’d originally thought we’d be going by float plane from Tofino to Victoria, but a float plane can’t fly unless the pilot can see the ground – otherwise he has to turn around and go back – and fog in the mountains posed a potential problem; so instead we drove. We were first on this road before it was paved – it’s a smoother drive now – but the views are just as stunning, and some of the clear-cutting has now grown over and up. Victoria was a whistle-stop – they whistled, we stopped – a shame not to spend more time in this visually attractive old city. Sheri Grierson drove us to the CBC for an interview with Jo-Ann Roberts – don’t know why my picture of her is so blurry – and to Bolen’s Books, an old favourite, and then to Jim Munro’s stellar bookstore, in an old bank building with stained-glass windows and coffered ceilings. The evening event was at Chapters; there was a full crowd, including our old friend, Peter Such; and we behaved ourselves well enough, I think. I haven’t signed very many chests, but I did sign one in Victoria. You never know!


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2 responses to “The Blest Coast: Victoria, December 1

  1. Munro’s is a wonderful place to go, isn’t it? I love the bookmarks they give you with purchases…really beautiful.

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