The Blest Coast: Vancouver, December 2

From Victoria, we went by Helijet to Vancouver. I was very pleased with Helijet. Not only are they carbon-neutralizing their flights, but they have Ethical Bean organic coffee in their waiting room – how Virtuous is that! – and they give you earplugs. I had a fine time taking pictures out the helicopter window of the sunrise, the mountains, the sea, the Gulf Islands, the Fraser River estuary, and Vancouver from the air, while unable to hear much of anything.

We stayed at the Pacific Palisades, which was just as friendly as last time, except that there was no edible organic chocolate lick-it-off massage bar in the room. What happened? They saw us coming and were worried about Choking Hazards? Never mind, we made up for it in outrageous behavior in public, at the Capilano University event with 32 Books that evening. The tone was set by Ryan Knighton (, of Cockeyed, who manages to be a whole lot funnier about being — I’ll use this word, he does — blind than I would ever be able to be. He gave the most original introduction to me that I have ever heard. It began with a description of “flounder-trampling,” a novel method of fishing — walking in the mud until you step on a flounder –and went on from there.

As a poor second act, Graeme and I each did our bit, and then we got Moderated, which meant that we answered questions that people wrote down and sent up to the Moderator, Fiona Black.  She was very good at the Moderation, which was needed, as we were in full oldfolkie-silliness mode. After we’d been sufficiently moderation, we did the Sign-O-Rama, to show that we still could. And after that we giggled away into the night and ate some oysters, or something. It was all good.

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