Edging Back to Normal: Homestuff, Toronto

As the YOTF Tour winds down — two more events to go, Ben McNally Books “Books and Brunch,” tomorrow, and Windsor on Tuesday — it’s time to do the laundry, clean stuff up, go for walks with waking pal Coleen. Pictures: best informal omelette in town and closest & most delicious Organic Latte, at Lettieri, Avenue Road, opposite Whole Foods. Nino is an omelette genius, Paul wields the latte. And who should walk in but David Rocco, cooking whiz from “Dolce Vita?” On the way back from walk, roses were still in bloom. On Friday afternoon I went to Xiaolan’s Health Clinic to get needles stuck into my knees & toes so I can still crawl around. The garden needs some tidying, and I’ve now got rid of the mouldering pumpkin on the back porch… In the office, it’s the paper mounds to deal with, overseen by the eerie David Blackwood print on the wall above the desk. “Pound Cove Mummers Crossing Coal Harbour Pond.” “Mummers” are/were a Newfoundland custom: men dress up in ladies’ clothes & window curtains, and if you guess who they are they sing a song… Look at the special mittens… Here comes winter.


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2 responses to “Edging Back to Normal: Homestuff, Toronto

  1. Helena

    Hello Margaret,

    I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your latest book, THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD; I must also add parts of the story caused me to have nightmares! But I am waiting anxiously to read the last book -which I know IS coming soon- in the trilogy. Many scenarios to come light -or darken- my thoughts. Questions too fill my gray matter when I think of you. Question such as: who will bred with whom? Will Oryx’s history be divulged? Is Jimmy the new Adam, and Brenda the new Eve? I am eager to find out; so I do hope the wait is not long.


  2. Michael Parrott-MacLeod

    Thank you so much Margaret for the “Floating Onion” bag. I really enjoyed
    having your thoughts and comments on Twitter. Welcome home!

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