Hamilton/Burlington Amid the Flowers

On Thursday, November 26, Graeme Gibson and I were driven through the gloaming by Intrepid Driver, who braved traffic to get us to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Hamilton. We spent a bit of time fumbling around in the dark before locating the bright new building where the event was to take place — a presentation by the two of us for the two of Them: booksellers Richard Bachman of A Different Drummer in Burlington, and Bryan Prince of Bryan Prince Booksellers in Hamilton. This double act by Richard and Bryan is an old tradition. We used to do it in a grand elderly theatre in Hamilton, now closed, alas. Both gentlemen are slightly older, but just as elegant as always; Bryan was just back from India, and was sporting excellent waxed moustaches.

No sooner were we backstage than they had us hard at work signing books, with seconds-long pauses to gobble up the tasty vegetarian food provided. Then off we went, Graeme with The Bedside Book of Beasts, me with YOTF, with a full house cheering us on — and then a lively Question Period.

Here is a Flickr steam made by a photographer fan. On it you can read that I was not as boring and tedious as he’d expected, which I guess is progress…

Ms Atwood Snaps the Crowd

Among the photos at the top, you can find a wonderful album — Grace Mark’s album, as envisioned and put together by a fan. It has swatches of Grace’s fabrics, her buttons, her hair (!), and many another memento taken from Alias Grace. This album was a gift to me, and I am now enjoying it.

You never know what you might find in Hamilton/Burlington!


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4 responses to “Hamilton/Burlington Amid the Flowers

  1. Laura Sorbara

    It was a truly scintillating experience, being at the RBG (you sang!)
    I was the babble-y question asker…the trancending of the decades…
    I made it into a picture of the fellow’s flikr thingy you posted! How exciting!!!
    You are the bee’s knees, Madam.

  2. Joseph

    The singing was definitely a highlight. I hope someone taped it – it would be a youtube smash-hit.

  3. Laura Sorbara

    I agree with Joseph! A treat indeed!
    And Youtube…fab idea!

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