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New Mexico, November 15-18

The Pictures: Two Birthday Cakes, From Santa Fe and Albuquerque; Wonderful antler arrangement at Los Poblanos in Albuquerque; Graeme with Mermaid, Los Poblanos Inn & Cultural Centre; with  Gene Grant of KNME TV in Albuquerque; Santa Fe Cathedral; vista at Los Poblanos; with old pal Judy Chicago in Albuquerque; moral at Cafe Pasquale in Santa Fe, all organic; Graeme with Wild Earth Guardians, Carol Norton on right; in Santa Fe audience; with Lorene Mills at KNME in Santa Fe; Wild Earth Guardians poster; in front of State House mural; “Surviving Columbus” poster.


What fun in New Mexico! Graeme Gibson and I did two-handers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, me for YOTF, him for Bedside Book of Beasts, me with music from the CD, him with slides from the Bedside Beasts — both sponsored by Garcia Street Books, with Edward and Eva Borins, both in aid of the Wild Earth Guardians and the Wild Watersheds; did raise quite a bit of $, and morale too, we hope. I had two birthday cakes, a single-candle & whipped cream one in Albuquerque at a dinner attended by artist Judy Chicago, among others; and a Vegan cake with candles that wouldn’t blow out in Santa Fe. We enjoyed staying at Los Poblanos, an exceptionally beautiful inn in Albuquerque (own organic garden, own bees, much art), and at La Fonda, the oldest hotel in Santa Fe.

Outstanding warmth and hospitality, many discussions about how to reconcile the needs of wild nature with the behaviour of people; breathtaking scenery; much hope. Here is a blog posting of interest:


Thank you, New Mexico — a long trip to get there but worth every minute!

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