Miami Book Fair, November 8

Dear Readers, the Miami Book Fair was terrific!  Was I there? I’m not sure.

I staggered up at 5.30 on the morning of Sunday, Novembr 8, having flown back from Chicago the day before in order to go to a wonderful concert for the Silver Anniversary of the Canadian Opera Company – at which we stayed up late. Stumbled onto the plane, on which I fell asleep. Wandered around in the new terminal in a zombieish  manner until I was finally located by the lovely Music Express driver, who de-podded me at the Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables (right around the corner from Books & Books, whose Mitch Kaplan essentially founded the now hugely successful Miami Book Fair in the teeth of great skepticism @ 15 years ago.)

The weather was lovely, and in other circs. I would have strolled, lounged, or lolled, but I was so depleted I went to sleep. Made it up an hour or two later, got collected by Susan Cumins, and then it was Miami By Night among the new high-rises as we wended our neon way to Miami Dade College.

I think the event was wonderful – the audience was, in any case, and so was the introduction – but I can’t entirely recall what I did. Not only that, my camera battery had run down so I couldn’t take pictures of the heroic Mitch and his equally heroic helpers. I do have a blurry recollection of hearing about the astonishing efforts and successes of the Miami Dade Board of Education – a lot of creative initiatives there – and the people were warm and welcoming. If anyone was more awake than I was, maybe you took some pictures and can send them!  As it is, all I can offer are some rather pathetic (though colourful) views taken the next morning, once my camera battery was recharged. The Historic Foyer is in the hotel – the showpiece for Coral Gables, the first gated community in the U.S., I was told – and I was also told that they once practiced parachute jumping from the dome.  A trampoline? Rubber spines? It’s a very short drop.

I have very fond memories of not having any clear memories of what happened in Miami, except that it was all good. I did sign a lot of books. I remember that part.  And there are a lot of plastic fish in the new airport, fancifully arranged into wreaths… no. Not a hallucination. Real. Real fake fish…<a href=”; title=”Margaret Atwood at the Miami Book Fair for Year of the Flood …

See Soesposito picture on Twitpic:



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4 responses to “Miami Book Fair, November 8

  1. John Savage

    Hi Peggy…well you are quite a gal – with seemingly limitless energy!!! I have no idea how you could have followed the schedule you have these past months and had the enthusiasm you showed on Thursday evening…Jim and I had a great time – very much enjoyed the performance and were so happy to see you again…I wish we had had more time but events like that are very much like weddings and funerals where we try to talk with everyone but don’t really visit…someday maybe we can really do that – the visiting I mean…I DO hope you like to cook with garlic ha! ha! I took a limited number of photos and am working on a small web page of them…will send it along when it is finished…thanks for signing our books on Friday – picked them up from Shannon before we headed back here to the Island…time to put your feet up for a while now…JOHN

  2. We live-blogged the book fair at The Florida Book Review. Jamie Elens’ write-up about hearing Margaret Atwood speak kicked off our coverage, and is online at
    Come back soon!

  3. Hi, I also tweeted the Miami Book Fair (twitter user @soesposito)…here’s a link to the picture I took with you & my chickie knobs shirt:

    I don’t know how you do it, you’re such an inspiration (your writing, of course…but also your energy!!!) Thanks for stopping by Florida on your tour & signing my book. It was truly a memorable evening.

  4. Oh, also here’s one of you on stage. It’s a bit blurry, but at least passable if you want to use it:

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