My Scotiabank Giller Prize Pics, Nov. 10

05. Bob Rae06. Russell Banks, David Young08. The Lineup07. Foursome04. Gian Gomeshi02. Elana R. She Rules03. Moses, Drs. Lam01. Jack R The KingI’m not the best photographer and on-the-run snapshots always make people look a bit demented, but here they are. Jack Rabinovitch, King of the Giller; Elana Rabinovitch, She Who Must Be Obeyed, who runs the whole show, with many helpers and others; Moses Znaimer, with me & the two Drs. Lam, Marguerite and Vincent the writer; Gian Gomeshi of Q, auditioning for The Satanic Brides of Dracula; me & fellow juror of 08, Bob Rae, with Michael Ondaatje doing a cameo in the background; juror Russell Banks and a surprised-looking David Young; writers Charlotte Gray and Jane Urquhart, with beaming juror Victoria Glendinning, and Martha Butterfield blessing them from above; and the final lineup, with host Seamus O’Regan, jurors Banks, Alistair McLeod, and Gleninng, then Jack, then winner Linden McIntyre (for The Bishop’s Man) making a 5-star speech.

I missed a lot because I didn’t want to be too nosy with my little green camera. For the whole thing, go to:


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2 responses to “My Scotiabank Giller Prize Pics, Nov. 10

  1. Margaret, thanks so much for these photos! I’ve always wondered about the howz / whoz/ whatz of the Giller ceremony….so nice to be able to have a peek at this prestigious ceremony! Looks like you had a good time there. Oh and thanks so much for your Twitter updates! Love love love reading them….

  2. Judy Emery

    Heard it was your birthday (announced on 96.3FM),
    And just wanted to say,
    Hope your next year
    Gets more wonderful each day.

    Happy Birthday from a fan who obviously does not work for Hallmark.

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