Mole-A-Teers and Make a Mole

08. Making a MoleThe Pictures:

The Ur Mole-A-Teers: LA, Orville, Ted Perlman, Nelson Bragg; NY, Orville, Ted, Ray Marchica ; Washington,  Orville, Louie Diller, Gregory McWhir; Chicago, Orville and Jane Bunell (piano).

The Hour: George Stroumboulopoulos gets a Mole, plays piano for Mole Day Hymn performance, and is seen with Mole on shoulder and Anne

Joldersma of Toad office.

The Make-A-Mole Diagram. Some real moles.


Hmm. It seems the Mole-A-Teers have taken on a life of their own, and you – yes, you! – can now become a Mole-A-Teer!

This organization (loosely styled) was begun by the musicians who play on the recording of the Hymns of the God’s Gardeners: Orville Stoeber, the composer and singer, various guitars; Ted Perlman, guitars, bass, keys; and Nelson Bragg, percussion and drums. The same trio played and sang at the Los Angeles YOTF Event at Royce Hall on October 9, and began styling themselves the Mole-A-Teers. They originated the Sign of the Mole performed with three fingers of extended downwards in simulation of the Mole’s pointy claws.  (See pictures, but Warning Note: DO NOT make this sign in certain areas of Los Angeles, or you may be mistaken for a gang member.)

In subsequent performances of the YOTF in the U.S., the musicians were initiated (see pictures). Then, while the core YOTF U.S. Events team was drinking Organic Shade-grown Fair Trade coffee — and more — in Atwood’s Café at the Hotel Burnham, Chicago, the Mole-A-Teer Rules were drawn up. More or less. It’s a work in progress.

FIRST RULE:  You have to have played or sung one or more of the Hymns in public: for instance, the Mole Day Hymn, “We Praise the Tiny Perfect Moles.” “In public” can mean: in a choir, at an environmental event, at a book group, on television, on radio, via YouTube, podcast or webcast; or in a school; or in a bar. Let’s just say there have to be others present.

SECOND RULE: You must take the Organic Shade-grown Fair Trade Coffee Pledge, because What Kills Birds also Kills Moles. Especially pesticides and habitat destruction. All coffee-drinking Mole-A-Teers drink only Virtuous Coffee.

ENTITLEMENTS:  You are entitled to use the name Mole-A-Teer for yourself, under one of the Orders, as below. You may make and present  Mole-A-Teer Moles (see recipe) to other Mole-A-Teers, especially when inducting them; you may wear the T-shirt, once there is one; you may make the  Sign of the Mole to identify yourself to other Mole-A-Teers (see Warning, above.) You may take pictures of your Mole-A-Teer  singings and post them on the Mole-A-Teer Facebook page, and post links to your YouTube videos, if any, to share with other Mole-A-Teers.  For the music, sheet music, etc., see below.

SPELLING OF MOLE-A-TEER: Tried it without the hyphens, but the result—Moleateer  — was a little too close to Mole Eater for comfort.

ORDERS of Mole-A-Teer are as follows:

CHIEF MOLE: Orville Stoeber.

AIDE-DE-CAMP MOLE-A-TEERS: Phoebe Larmore and Margaret Atwood, and anyone else who helped, in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Beyond.

FIRST HONOURARY MOLE-A-TEER: George Stroumboulopoulos of The Hour. For the first presentation of the Mole and a fairly awful performance, see:

UR MOLE-A-TEERS: All musicians who played in YOTF Events in the fall of 2009.

GRASSROOTS MOLE-A-TEERS: Those who induct themselves, as above. It’s the Honour System. We count on you.


Turns out there really is a Mole Day!  Who knew?

“Celebrated annually on October 23 from 6:02 a.m. to 6:02 p.m., Mole Day commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Schools throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Mole Day with various activities related to chemistry and/or moles.”

For the National Mole Day Foundation, its e-commerce shop, its Mole Day pledge – taken facing the ground, where moles live — and some pretty bad Mole jokes, visit: . It stands to reason that all National Mole Day members are automatically Mole-A-Teers, once they sing the song(s) and take the Coffee Pledge. Welcome, O Strange But Vivid Mole-A-Teers from Planet X! Questions to:

CHILD MOLE-A-TEERS: Mole Day in The Year of the Flood is a Children’s Festival. It celebrates underground biolife, most of which is small. Thus Child Mole-A-Teers are welcome; and to all who’ve asked if they may sing the Mole Day song and make Moles in their schools or Sunday schools, the answer is yes. If the word “God” in the last verse bothers you, you may substitute “earth.” The Hymns are hymns, and thus – like real hymns – they may be altered slightly to suit the occasion.


This is how the Mole presented to George Strombolopolis was made.  You may improvise.  See Diagram.

  1. Worn-out socks. No fair using new ones. Wash socks first. Turn inside out for nubbly effect. Wool best, dark colours, but these are Moles of The Future, so they might be any colour.
  1. Stuff one sock with: 1) other sock  2) something else 3) cut-off part of sock you won’t be using.
  1. Tie off with pink ribbon or braided pink string for the tail.
  1. Eyes:  pink or red buttons. Nose: larger pink or red button. Whiskers:  wool.   Sew loops of wool either side of nose, cut at loop ends. Claws: the most difficult thing. Should be pointy. We used scraps of construction paper, but cardboard would do, or hair combs of the right size, or wire bent into claw shape.  We sewed a double claw shape to the underside of the mole so the claws stuck out either side.
  1. Ribbon or string may be attached to Mole at the tail end, for hanging around the neck.

For CDs and Downloads, see:;

For sheet music,

For T-shirt, once we have one, see the Floodshop at


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3 responses to “Mole-A-Teers and Make a Mole

  1. John Savage

    Believe it or not I actually remembered Avogadro’s number…love it – Mole Day!!!!
    Just sent you this email – not sure which you would read first…

    Hi Peggy…just got off the phone with Jim…we’re wondering what sort of schedule you’ll have once you get to Sudbury…we’ll just play it by ear as far as whatever “free” time you might have…Shannon Hengen just emailed me to invite Jim and I to sit at her table so we’ll at least be close to the “head” table where I presume you’ll be…looking forward to it…by the way Happy Birthday tomorrow…that’s a BIG one!!!…hard to believe those pictures of us are from 55 years ago…looking forward to seeing you…JOHN

  2. hello I think the info posted on your internet blog is most valuable, I have book-marked you =D

  3. Mole-on!!!

    Feel the Mole!!

    Be the Mole!!!

    I am the Mole!!!!

    Mole-teers unite!!!

    Mole-teers united against the Arizona Immigration law!!!!

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