London interview

London interview from September on a windblown rooftop, with fellow Twitterer Matt Cowan:


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2 responses to “London interview

  1. Simon Leigh

    When will the Gardeners’ Calendr be available, with the 365 saints?

  2. John Savage

    Hi Peggy…trying to catch up with your blogs (new concept for me also – you are the first blogger I’ve followed)…tried to click on the link for your London interview but it wouldn’t work…finally realized that the dot at the end of the address shouldn’t be there…when I copied and pasted all but the dot, it worked…some good thoughts in the interview re blogging or tweeting – which I’ve never done – I imagine a few people would have bypassed it when they couldn’t simply click on the link…hey I’m halfway through The Red Shoes, which I picked up at our Little Current library…thought I’d better do some “catch-up” since I was the baby and don’t remember as much of the early Atwoods as Bob and Jim…I keep finding parts of your character that I can relate to so well…BIG difference however – Sharon and I married at 19 and here we are 46 years later – we have “survived” ha! ha! …I’m not a great reader but do find this read fascinating…did you hear that Shannon H. broke a bone in her ankle falling off her mountain bike a week or so ago…will be in a cast…all for now…see you soon…JOHN

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