Saint Euell’s Day Recipes by Abbey Huggan.

As drawn and also eaten by her. Many thanks!


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6 responses to “Saint Euell’s Day Recipes by Abbey Huggan.

  1. Donna Thompson

    Hello Margaret Atwood

    This correspondence is not a comment about any of your books, but I would like it to be. In other words, I’d like to know which book of yours is your best, your best not everyone else’s. I have not yet read any of your work other than a paragraph or two, and I’m ashamed to admit that considering you are a Canadian writer.

    I’m interested in reading your work and wondering if you write non-fiction
    as this is where my interest lies, however, good escape literature keeps my attention too.

    I’m a published writer also, but, I haven’t produced a book yet, it’s in the process at My pen name is Foresta Gump the original from the beautiful tourist town of Penticton BC. If you GOOGLE her, you will see how many have published her to the net.

    I would like to ask you the question–What is the most beneficial thing you could tell me regarding the writing field?

    Thankyou kindly for your time and attention Ms Atwood

    Donna Thompson

  2. I want to make my wife a certified saint. How do I do that? I heard you can help.

    • marg09

      Hello Mike: Go onto the site at Choose any country portal, such as USA. Click on the Enroll A Saint button on the page that will then appear. It should take to to
      Put in your wife’s name in the first box. In the next, what she’s the Saint of. (Cats? Flower gardens? You?) Then a short description of her Saintliness, then her Saint’s Day and country, then you’ll be taken to PayPal, $ to save endangered birds. Once the transaction is complete you should be taken back to get a download, which you can then either email to her or print out on your colour printer. Lo! She is Certified! If it doesn’t work, let me know! All best, Margaret

  3. Donna Thompson

    Leave a Reply

    No Thanks, I’ll think of it better not to!

  4. Carole Robertson

    Hi Abbey, I really liked your St Euell’s Day recipes, living in England, can you tell me who St Euall is, and when his day is? I’m also making contact as I think you may be my husband’s cousin, David Robertson. Your faher and his mother are siblings. Look forward to hearing from you.

    PS Loved the art work

    • marg09

      Hello Carole: This is Margaret. “Saint Euell” is Saint Euell Gibbons, from my novel The Year of the Flood. He pioneered the use of edible weeds such as dandelions — his first book is “Stalking the Wild Asparagus.” He has a hymn, too: “The Holy Weeds.” You can find it in the novel and also on the website. I will notify Abbey (who works with an organization called Green Thumbs Growing Kids) to look for this post. Abbey is a talented artist as well as being a dedicated eco-gardener.

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