4 Nature Canada Special Bird Areas of the Tour

Nature Canada is involved in four of the six  Canadian cities — Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancover –that are doing and Event. (The other two — Kingston and Sudbury — have chosen other charities, and these will appear on the blogs for those cities.) Nature Canada have prepared four separate handsome information sheets – one for each city — with any funds raised in that city going to the bird program on the sheet, saving endangered species and protecting important bird areas. Thanks to Ian Davidson, new head of Nature Canada, for careful thinking. Here are the information sheets. Note the statistics on the first one. Please help to change them for the better!

CLICK ON THE SHEETS TO MAKE THEM BIGGER. ZOOM TO MAKE EVEN BIGGER. GO BACK TO MAIN BLOG AT UPPER LEFT. Atwood-Ottawa_400Atwood-Toronto_560Atwood-Calgary_480Atwood-Vancouver_480

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