NOTE: for those following on the somehow self-standing blog that appears when I post to — it’s because I didn’t understand some button or other. Think I’ve got it now, and after this one, the blog entries will be only on, which also has the tour schedule (click The Tour, scroll down). This will save confusion, I hope.

From Toronto:  after rehearsing in the dining room with the Toronto team yesterday — they sound great! — I’m  about to head out to Ottawa and Kingston, then back to Toronto for Thursday — I’m behind in my writeups (shame!) but will catch up with Bristol on the train, I hope. There was so much to write about in that city — I’m dividing it into two — Green Initiatives and The Event.

From Ottawa, I’ll write about arts funding, with a spotlight on the recent BC annihilation beheadings. Then comes Kingston, where many exceptional things await!

Meanwhile, here is the PBS  website, with the Jeff Brown interview:

We are trying to keep up with all the reviews — posting the urls on under Reviews and Press– and should have the latest ones entered early this week.

Meanwhile, you might want to enter the FloatingOnion contest on Twitter — answer the Q, “What is the symbolism of the floating onion (on the German book cover) — you’ll see it if you find FloatingOnion on Twitter — post your solution. Top 5 favourites get the T-shirt or Tote with the onion — see Floodshop on the website — and help save the Albatross into the bargain!


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  1. Cheryl

    I was at the Ottawa event, dinner and performance, and it was as close to a religious experience as I’ve come to in some time. Minister, hymns and beautiful location were transporting, as were the performances by the rest of the cast. The mostly vegetarian food was surprisingly tasty even for a meateater. I think I submitted a photo but it may have disappeared into the ether. If it arrived, it is of four loyal fans surrounding Margaret, from left to right Alice McClymont, Elizabeth Knight, Maureen Kaell and Cheryl Clarke. We were reprising a similar photo we had taken nine years ago at a fundraising dinner with Margaret for Canadian literacy.

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