TORONTO UPCOMING. September 24, St. John’s Anglican, see Tour for tickets, etc.

Alisa Palmer, the director of this Event, has the full cast now:

Susan Coyne (“Toby”), David Ferry (“Adam One”), and Michelle Monteith (“Ren”) will be the readers.

Singers: John Millard – composer, singer, current artist in Residence at the Young Centre – Baritone
Micah Barnes – former singer with The Nylons, jazz fave  – Baritone
Randi Helmers- singer and actor, recently in the musical Colours in The Storm- Soprano
Karin Randoja- singer and indie director and theatre teacher at Humber – Soprano
Andrew Kushnir- actor singer soon to play the lead in Frankenstein, a musical at Canadian Stage- Tenor
Taylor Lezzaza- indie singer Margaret “discovered” because she was a server at Espresso Bar Mercurio ( funny story)- sings anything
Eliza Jane Scott- another indie actor/singer who was also featured in The Producers -Alto
Lilly Ross- Millard, soprano

Orville Stoeber, the composer of the Hymns, will be there too!


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  1. I am very interested in tickets to this event. Also love the way you are engaging technology in the arts. As an educator in technology innovation I am thrilled that you are doing this. I am tired of this talk of digital natives/immigrants with individuals of a certain age being the immigrants. I feel I am a native and I believe you are too. Would love to connect to your tour to some of high school classrooms across Ontario. I work on a special project with York University that could do just that. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing this.

  2. Orville Stoeber

    What a great collection of talents Alisa assembled! The warmth and graciousness of the Canadians was a pleasure to behold, Thank you, Thank you. Orville

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