IMG_0084Looking for full tour details? See, “The Tour.”  Ireland? Sadly, not this time. But in spirit.

Here is Richard Hollaway as a very convincing Adam One in Edinburgh — more pictures soon, plus Manchester and London as soon as I can write them – the schedule is hectic right now?


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  1. Hugo

    Just finished reading Year of the Flood half an hour ago! Screaming for more! Must know who are the people coming over the hill singing!! And what will happen to the Paintballers!!! One of the best books I have read in while! Thank you!
    I cant wait to meet you in Bath on sunday! So Excited!!!
    Hugo 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for using the Mathmos Bubble light in the London performance last night.

    If anyone is interested in them we sell them individually in Europe, USA and Canada from, in the LED light section. Or bulk order enquires to

  3. Annie Paine

    Still euphoric from YOTF at Llandaf Cathedral last night, and the delight of 3 hours on the train to read the book.

    It resonates with everything I’m doing at the moment – SO pleased that you are greening your tour, and hope that you will continue to moderate your intake of meat afterwards – so much kinder to the planet in every way!

    My grandchildren had ground some Ethiopian Fairtrade coffee for you. I hope you enjoy it. I get it (and many other goodies) from Suma Wholefoods. I think you could get a list of retail outlets from or ring 01422 313845 or email

    Thank you for writing as you do!

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