This post is about the eco-papers for the programmes at the Tour Events.

For the US, Nicole Rycroft of tells us:

These printers all stock the Cascades ENVIRO 100 paper (100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free paper produced by Cascades). I’m sure these printers will be using vegetable based inks.

Boston – Kirkwood Printing and DS Graphics
NY Metro – Ramsey Press and DG3
Wash DC – Svec Conway and Harris Litho
Chicago – CL Graphics and Hagg Press

On the west coast, I’d suggest using one of New Leaf Papers – perhaps the EVEREST (100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free) Printers that stock them and have good environmental practices include…

San Francisco – Greener Printer – 1-866-978-8547

LA – MELISSA KIRBY, ANDERSON PRINTING, T 323.460.4115 C 323.359.0290

Dan Boettcher, ALLIED GRAPHICS, INC. P: 805/988-4088 C: 805/368-6142

Bill Cooper DUAL GRAPHICS 714.990.3700 (main) ext.287;  714.308.6437 (cell)

For Canada:

Here is a list of printers stocking the paper (ENVIRO 100, produced by Casades) we’re recommending for Margaret’s tour materials. Just so you have the technical specs on the paper – it’s 100% post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine free paper. It’s carries the lightest impact on biodiversity and our climate of papers on the market.

Ottawa: Plantagenet Printing or Cielo Printing
Kingston: Digi Graphics
Toronto : Bown of Canada, CJ Graphics, Webcom, Warren’s Waterless, Die and Duhram or St-Joseph Printing
Sudbury : Journal Graphics
Vancouver: Hemlock Printing

I believe all of these printers use vegetable based inks. Webcom, St Joseph and Hemlock have environmental paper policies with Canopy. There doesn’t seem to be a printer stocking the ENVIRO 100 as a house stock in Calgary.  If it is the case that no Calgary printers stock it as part of the regular inventory, they can easily source it. Every printer in Canada can access it, so you just need to request it.

From the UK, Penelope Beech of  writes:

Just to confirm that we are printing the programmes for each venue now. Our printer has confirmed the following about their paper stock and general ethical processes.

Programmes will be printed on stock that is:
·        100% recycled·        100% post-consumer reclaimed material·        FSC certified·        Bleached using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process·        Fully recyclable and biodegradable·        Produced at a mill that holds the ISO14001 Environmental certification (the printing works also holds this certification ·        NAPM approved recycled product

Thanks to all who did this research!


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  1. Nancy Burnett

    This is my first ever attempt to follow a blog. My sister introduced it to me and I am grateful even as I flounder around trying to figure it out. I am practicing for my own tour blog which could begin any day now that my book is OUT. What a delightful mish-mash of stuff. What’s it all about? I don’t care. Just send out more. And, yes, it’s okay to take a few days off now and then, but fill us in on what we miss. Meantime, I am reading an ARC copy of TYOTF. I must say, Ms. Atwood, you certainly have a mind of your own. I faithfully read your work no matter what! PS, I don’t drink coffee. It’s tea for me.

  2. Bonnie Walton

    I am technologically illiterate and have never followed a blog…have never even discovered one before and to have stumbled on this as my first is fantastic!! I am a great fan (won’t say No. 1!!) and have attended many of your signings and bought every book. Purchased a limited edition of “The Door” at the Pen Benefit where you appeared with Ian Rankin. You certainly don’t have to lose weight.

    I have been a vegetarian for 20 yr and will follow your tour with great interest and look forward to the links provided for eco friendly information.

    Take Care


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