Mural_0058Blogging on QM2IMG_0074Talking_0055Signing0061The first event of the YOTF tour has now taken place, on the QM2 — I cravenly ducked the singing of the Mole Day Hymn from the book, but did manage to give a semi-coherent account of the tour project and read a few bits of the text. Favourite question afterwards: “Is there a plot?”  Ah yes. There is always a plot.

Dr. Peter Dean, meanwhile, gave a rip-roaring account yesterday of Jack the Ripper (excuse pun); he is a forensic doctor, so I shall now give him a copy of the Mole Day Hymn, as it fits in with his interests (carrion beetles, etc.).

I took a picture of the very first signing line, which I will enter on this post as soon as there’s a better connection. Meanwhile I struggle with my IPod, which I am just beginning to understand, although it has a will of its own and plays its favourite tunes no matter what I do. But I am chanting incantations to control it, and am determined to wrestle its ear pods and atavistic circular wheel thingie to the ground — it will not win.

Outside, fulmars, shearwaters, gunmetal sea, huge cloudscapes, and many happy people striding around the deck. It’s true. Sea air does invigorate.

Here are some pictures I have now managed to add, including me blogging in the cabin, Graeme and the sea, me talking onstage, and the first ever book signing of Year of the Flood.


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  1. solasan

    Hello Ms Atwood
    what a wonderful wonderful thing you are doing. I’m so thrilled to feel I can be involved in your adventure, thank you so much. I just read about it in the Observer earlier today – if I’d known sooner I’d have wanted to be down in Edinburgh in the hope of catching a glimpse of you. As it happens, I’m driving South from Findhorn on Wednesday, and will be circling around Edinburgh en route to Northumberland where my daughter lives, to catch up with her and my beautiful wee grand-daughter Evie, aged 2. I’ve often thought how wonderful it would be to travel by sea to the States. Once of these days I will visit Canada – there are many cousins over there. I lost all desire to ever fly again 3 years ago, and have no desire to add to the polluting of the environment. I garden organically – always have, since long before it was fashionable. I’ve read most of your books, and can’t wait to read the new one. I reserved it in my local library today – it’s due in there on Friday.
    Bless you for being so amazing. My favourite author for many years now, after Doris Lessing. love s

  2. Is there a plot? Ha, that one cracked me up. It’s right up there with, “Do you write from experience?”

  3. brieanna

    you are lovely,
    and i am so excited to have found your blog through the globe and mail. good luck with the tour! will you be making your way out here to b.c.? can’t wait to hear more of your adventurings. for now, its time for a coffee and blueberry pie.

  4. Hello there! I’ve been searching in vain for details of where you’ll be on your tour. . . Will you come to Ireland? Please could you post a link to a site where I can find details of your tour?
    I can’t wait to read your new book. . . I think you’re ace (as we Scots say)!
    Have a lovely time on your tour, don’t tire yourself out and I hope to see you at one of your events.
    Oh, and thank you for providing me with hours of secret, quiet places where I can plunge into captivating stories and savour exquisite details and language!

  5. hello all, i have been searching in vain for details of where you’ll be on your tourvery

  6. I really got a kick from your post. I don’t really have much to say in reply, I only wanted to comment to reply with wonderful job. great luck in 2010.

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