Queen Mary 2

This post is coming to you from near Newfoundland. I’m on the Queen Mary 2, lecturing my way across the Atlantic, thanks to Cunard. Tomorrow I’ll do the first-ever reading from The Year of the Flood, choosing pieces that are appropriate for the venue. What might those be? We will see. I will also try to sing one of the Gardener Hymns — the Mole Song, a tune that’s easy enough for me. Will I quail when the time comes? We will see that, as well.

Meanwhile my organic coffee adventures continue. After several brown spots on white tablecloths, the kindly waitstaff have taken commend of my Gorilla Coffee stash, and are pouring the water on themselves. My vegetarian stipulations are easily dealt with here — I’ve taken the Vegi-Vows for the duration. There’s something suitable on every menu, but I am not getting any thinner.

I can’t load pictures from this location, it seems, but I will put some on once land has been reached.


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6 responses to “Queen Mary 2

  1. You must try Mt. Hagen organic instant coffee. I’m on tour with my musician husband right now and we’re addicted to it. It tastes like real coffee. Our tour manager says Tom Waits is addicted, too.

    We’re very inspired by your green wanderings and are attempting to follow suit.

  2. Maid Marian

    Hi Margaret, Just eat a little less and it should be OK. The alternative is to cook it yourself so you know every ingredient! Have you a stove?! Best wishes, JanP

  3. Jane D

    I’m curious to know why you think travelling by ship is greener than flying. See the Guardian article on whether cruising is greener than flying – http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2006/dec/20/cruises.green – Mile for mile, the carbon footprint for a cruise is worse.

    • marg09

      Hello Jane – Crossing the Atlantic not cruise, but way of getting across. We are aware of some of the issues, but must factor in what all those individuals might have been doing on land for the same time period – food, heating, cooling, transport — all of that — and they are incalculables. The distant answer is probably a)never travelling, which may be decided for us if/when oil runs out b) solar c)airships of the 30s, but not so flammable.

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