In New York

En route, still in New York, where Graeme Gibson (75) was happy to be carded in the outdoor garden of the once-a-gas-station B-Bar  at Bowery and 4th. Here he is, toasting his new-found underaged status where the gas pumps once stood but the foliage now waves. Meanwhile the quest for green tour objects continues. Here are the Gorilla Organic Coffee Beans, thanks to Jess; the Green Beaver personal presentability aid; the Nature’s Path Hemp Plus emergency snack for when crisis strikes, and the organic Clif Bar; also the Endangered Species chocolate bar, semi-consumed. Yesterday a vegetarian-delight dinner was located at the beautiful HanGawi Korean vegetarian restaurant  ( And here am I in the cotton hat from the Natural History Museum, which replaces the old orange but magic

one I lost in a heat-addled moment in Central Park West. To whoever found it: put on head, click heels three times, and say “I wish I was in Kansas.” You only get one chance, and if your heart is not pure it won’t work.


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7 responses to “In New York

  1. A lovely new hat indeed. But I think that I like your lizard brooch better!

  2. amy

    ms. atwood…your blog is incredible! so happy to be able to follow my favourite author of all time. i am still revelling in my chance to be able to see you read and have you sign one of your amazing novels (it was Alias Grace…a few years back now at the Belleville Public Library! oh my!)

    safe travels! you look wonderful!

  3. I am one of your most constant devotees (I know Murder ni the Dark by heart) so I fell on your just-discovered blog with delight. But – I can barely read it! Dim grey on black does NOT assist your devoted audience of Women My Age! Can YOU read it easily? Please think about changing the format…
    Anne Else, Wellington, New Zealand

    • marg09

      Thank you very much! As for tech, I am and Error and Trial learner myself. The blog is supposed to be a readable off-white on black — is there a Contrast control on your computer? A Brightness one? A Zoom? You should be able to make it brighter & bigger. Hope that will work…

    • @Elsewoman, if you hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and hit + at the same time, it’ll increase the size of the text you’re seeing by pretty decent increments (hold down CTRL and – to zoom out).

      Another option is to hit CTRL and A, which will highlight all of the text on the page, turning it to black on light grey. You might find that easier to read as well… especially if using both tricks at the same time.

      Alternatively, you can subscribe to the blog feed in your RSS reader of choice, and not have to deal with the colours at all. I recommend Google Reader:


      As to changing colours, this isn’t an option with the Black Letterhead theme, or with most free wordpress themes. There are some themes available that give bloggers much more control over the appearance of their site (even on the free blogs — if you’re on, of course, it’s an entirely different story!), but this isn’t one of them.

      If you’re married to the idea of a darker theme, I would suggest one called “Neat!” as a more readable alternative — if you’re interested in switching, that is! “Redoable Lite” is also a good option; it’s close to what you have now, but the post text is white on dark grey, rather than grey on black.

      (Themes can easily be previewed and changed in dashboard/theme. I’d be happy to assist if you’d like any technical help with wordpress; my email’s on my blog.)

  4. Also, depending on the type of screen/monitor you have, dark colours use less electricity. . .

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