New York

AirportIMG_0036First day out. In New York, en route to the UK. Trying to be virtuous, but caffeinated too, I passed on coffee at the airport –the airport! Aagh! Carbons! But I’m offsetting them — because I didn’t know where it came from shade-grown organic is the only kind that’s good for birds. So now I must rush out and get some of the good kind of beans to carry with me on the trip, and a small Bodum; doubtless I will  irritate waitstaff by asking for hot water. If you want to do this too, see Shade Coffee Bird Atlas on the Web – there are more and more brands. Maybe I’ll be able to get some Gorilla Coffee from Brooklyn. But Starbucks has some too… I’ll picture of me in my Hemp Dress Virtuous Wardrobe as soon as I figure out (again) how to work my new idiot-proof camera, but meanwhile John Fanshawe of BirdLife International — whose questions set me on this path a year ago — reports:

“… the RSPB teams at all the venues are busily preparing.  Each one now has the regional group engaged, planning stalls, and fund-raising buckets, etc., and shaping the exact plan to suit. Just as you suspected it would, the special nature of the launch events is already raising profile, with articles in the Bookseller, Guardian and Telegraph in the last couple of days. Certainly, all the RSPB regional staff are very excited about what is happening, not least the chance to work with new groups like the various book and literary festivals.”

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    I have just been to the book launch as part of the Edinburgh Fesitval. Good on you for doing something so different as part of the book festival and for challenging us to go beyond our initial perceptions. The event was like a restoratin comedy or watching The Beggars Opera – using the light-hearted and the glib with a deep and sometimes dark message. I am half way through the book. Great! Many thanks.

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